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Heide Siegel started off with Standardbreds in endurance cause she had a
lot of cast offs from the track. She and her husband at the time owned a
Hambiltonian (sp) winner! She always swore about their great gaits as
she tooled around the hills of Palos Verdes where she lived at the time
and where I trained. Finally after a few endurance rides she admitted
conversion to Arabs cause the straight Standardbred had too much bulk
for real long distance.  BUT!

Emmett Ross had a great 1/2 standardbred arab cross which won the Haggin
Cup and was sold to the Arabs (one of the first ones to go over there)
and I believe that Kachina Firewind may be still racing over there. Lon
Clearwaters bought another one from the same ranch which is a poster
horse for one of the Ride  & Tie annual posters an on which I won the
Malibu 50 one year. Nabs Bigun.

I owned a 1/2 Standardbred/1/2 Arab Sierra FAdwah's Renegade that had a
fabulous record before I bought him from Jackie B., and he took me to a
2nd place in the Tevis in 1989 and third place in the Ride & Tie
Championship that same year. (now retired)

I now have a 1/2 standardbred arab cross from the same ranch as Emmett
and Lon got theirs (many years ago...). He is 6 now, almost 7,
TallyMark, and out of his first 8 rides he has 7 top tens. We just got
his full brother TallyRand, a four year old.

So, I think  (like the Ford's) that these crosses  make some of the best
endurance prospects around. I'm always looking for them. And probably
just shot myself in the foot by sharing this with you all.....

STeve Shaw

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