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Re: Patagonia Riding Tights

Thanks, Brandon, for taking the time to respond to our inquiries. I just
want you to know that I really love my old, worn Patagonia tights. They are
so warm and comfortable. I noticed that they have finally reached a point
where they are looking pretty threadbear and I expect my knees to break
through any day now.
No matter how long it takes, I sure hope you are able to get something going
with the tights. Thanks again, and have a wonderful holiday season.
Pat Super
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> Brandon at Patagonia
> Hi, All-
>      I think that it's time to address you as a group.  I want to thank
> you for taking so much interest in our Tights of years past, and for
> writing to us (me) to let us know that you want them back.
>      There are two women who will make the decision about reviving the
> program - or not - and I have forwarded all of your messages to them.
> Believe me, they are feeling the heat!
>      I had a conversation this morning with one of those women, and she
> said that the two of them were working on how to get the Tights made
> without taking away from our other pursuits.  I have actually been
> lobbying for the return of the Tights for about two years; while I haven't
> been successful in that endeavor, I have managed to get some other items
> back into the line, and they will show up for the Spring 2002 season.
> It's exciting, and it gives me hope for the Tights.  Please understand
> that if we DO make the Tights, we will have to get the materials together,
> pull out the old patterns, and schedule the factory time - we can't decide
> to do it and have the Tights on the market in two weeks.  It takes four to
> six months at a minimum.
>      What I can do for you: When the final decision - "go" or "no-go" - is
> made, I will post it here.
>      Thanks for all your emails, because they show us just how passionate
> people can be about our gear, and that lets us know that we're not alone.
> Brandon
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