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Reactorpanel clinic

	We are trying to put together a Reactorpanel fitting clinic in 
Covington, LA. This is about 2-1/2 to 3 hours from Jackson, MS. ----
about 30 minutes North of New Orleans, LA.

	So far, we have had great response from the dressage and jumping folks,
and would like to get Endurance people involved, too.

	If any of you Mississippi or Texas folks are interested in the
Reactorpanel saddles, let me know.  There is no charge for the clinic, but 
may be a 10.00 (more or less) charge per day for a stall for your horse.
We are hoping to get one of the bigger farms with in indoor arena in case of
rain, and I personally am hoping for trails...

		Once we get six people signed up we will have a firm date.

	Possible dates are in the vicinity of the weekends of:

	Feb. 17, or 24
	Mar. 10,  17,  or 24
	You can contact me at this e mail address (work) or at my home 
e mail:

	My work phone is (985)871-6243 ***but many times I will not be able to
		talk for any length of time at work...

	My home phone is (985)748-4377


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