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RE: RC: RE: RE: Camel Endurance?

That has the schedule of camel races in the US.   Here are some quotes from camel jockeys:

Once, halfway down the track, in a feeble attempt to be competitive, I kicked my camel one time. He
      growled and I figured I’d feel a lot better if I didn’t make his day any more unpleasant. I lost.

      Bobbing around on the back of a camel at breakneck speed is way past cool.

      You don’t have any steering…you have an accelerator, If you scream really loud, they’ll run faster. But
      you don’t have any kind of turning equipment.

      Life was grand. I was in front. I was screaming. I was happy. And then the camel stopped like a
      shopping cart and turned left…but at 35 miles an hour I just kept going.

      Hang on and close your eyes. Once the camel starts galloping, there isn’t a whole lot more to do. It kind
      of feels like being strapped to a poorly functioning washing machine.

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