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Patagonia Riding Tights

Brandon at Patagonia
Hi, All-

     I think that it's time to address you as a group.  I want to thank
you for taking so much interest in our Tights of years past, and for
writing to us (me) to let us know that you want them back.
     There are two women who will make the decision about reviving the
program - or not - and I have forwarded all of your messages to them.
Believe me, they are feeling the heat!
     I had a conversation this morning with one of those women, and she
said that the two of them were working on how to get the Tights made
without taking away from our other pursuits.  I have actually been
lobbying for the return of the Tights for about two years; while I haven't
been successful in that endeavor, I have managed to get some other items
back into the line, and they will show up for the Spring 2002 season.
It's exciting, and it gives me hope for the Tights.  Please understand
that if we DO make the Tights, we will have to get the materials together,
pull out the old patterns, and schedule the factory time - we can't decide
to do it and have the Tights on the market in two weeks.  It takes four to
six months at a minimum.
     What I can do for you: When the final decision - "go" or "no-go" - is
made, I will post it here.
     Thanks for all your emails, because they show us just how passionate
people can be about our gear, and that lets us know that we're not alone.


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