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Skito Pad Slipping - Any ideas Why?

Leah Palestrant

This spring I purchased a Skito Equalizer Pad and have used it all season
(for both competitive and pleaseure riding) long without any problems.
This last month I've started having issues with the pad slipping out from
underneath the saddle on one side.  It slowly slips back from under the
right side of the pommel, but stays fine on the left side, so the back of
the pad also ends up skewed on my horse.  I ususally have to stop 2-3
times during a 10-15 mile ride to readjust the pad.  But, it usually ends
up slipping again.  Does anyone have any ideas as to why this pad had all
of sudden started slipping?  What can I do to stop it from slipping?
Should I try a non-slip pad underneath?  I hate doing this since the pad
never gave me problems before and it was advertised as a pad that doesn't
slip.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks much,
Leah Palestrant

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