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Okay Ridecampers!
I am off to Goethe around seven or eight am tomorrow! I will pack
tonight. It will be my second ride to go to, my first to volunteer at. I
am ready! Two other people from my area are going with me! This is too
wonderful! I am almost as excited as if I were riding! I get to meet
Howard and his gang, Truman and hopefully Becky Siler!
I will get to see my friends Karen Jones and Ken Anderson; as well as
Debbie Parsons and Patti (I won't butcher her last name!) :0). Karen took
Reserved Grand Champion at the IAHA ride the first weekend of December. I
am so happy for her and glad to call her friend!
If any other Ridecampers go, I will be the short chubby one with the
beautiful bay "pony". :0) There will be two horses in my corral, one grey
and one bay. I have an older red trailer, and a metallic blue Silverado.
(Don't tell my husband I posted this, he gets a little paranoid about me
meeting strangers from the puter IRL. He has a point, but sometimes to
much is to much.) :0)
Can't wait to meet you all! This is my last post till I after church at
least (maybe later, I think I will need some real sleep). Good luck to
all riders going out this weekend where ever you may be going! TTFN!

Arabi (mamma are we going byes?! Alright!)
Lisa (Yes Arabi, you get to go byes. Sham, let your mamma's braids
Sham (I wanna go too! Waaaa! MMmm mamma's braids are tasty!)
North Central Florida
Riding: the art of keeping a horse between yourself and the ground.

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