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 Okay Ridecampers!
 I am off to Goethe around seven or eight am tomorrow! I will pack
tonight. It will be my second ride to go to, my first to volunteer at. I
am ready! Two other people from my area are going with me! This is too
wonderful! I am almost as excited as if I were riding! I get to meet
Howard and his gang, Truman and hopefully Becky Siler!
 I will get to see my friends Karen Jones and Ken Anderson; as well as
Debbie Parsons and Patti (I won't butcher her last name!) :0). Karen took
Reserved Grand Champion at the IAHA ride the first weekend of December. I
am so happy for her and glad to call her friend!
 If any other Ridecampers go, I will be the short chubby one with the
beautiful bay "pony". :0) There will be two horses in my corral, one grey
and one bay. I have an older red trailer, and a metallic blue Silverado.
(Don't tell my husband I posted this, he gets a little paranoid about me
meeting strangers from the puter IRL. He has a point, but sometimes to
much is to much.) :0)
 Can't wait to meet you all! This is my last post till I after church at
least (maybe later, I think I will need some real sleep). Good luck to
all riders going out this weekend where ever you may be going! TTFN!
In His Hands,
Lisa P.
North Central Florida
Riding: the art of keeping a horse between yourself and the ground.

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