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RE: Of a handful of dates and Arabians

As we all know, Arabians are created of pure date sugar and will melt any
time that they come into contact with water. UNLESS...that water is
self-applied as in dumping buckets, playing with hoses, and so on. Actually,
I first had my horses in Alexandria, where we have a definite wet/dry season
pattern. The first week or so of the rainy season was insane as all the
horses tried to dodge the inevitable and ubiquitous rain puddles.  After
that they started having fun with the water and mine used to take a
particular delight in lowering the ascension of the trot from a daisy cutter
to a rider-splasher. They're smart and funny. I ride mine in the
agricultural area where they have to deal with small irrigation ditches and
big spills so they are never allowed to forget that they WON'T melt...but
they do anyway.

Maryanne Stroud Gabbani
Cairo, Egypt

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From: Indy Stewart []
Sent: Wednesday, December 12, 2001 9:25 AM
Subject: re:Of a handful of dates and Arabians

Wow, what a great resource you are for info. on topics like the above!
Here's another "myth-topic"................Arabians don't like to cross
water because the descen from the desert...

Does that evaluation persist over in your part of the world?  My experience
is some don't mind crossing water/ some do/ and some LOVE water crossings
and hoses and playing in troughs...etcetera!!


Kathleen Weickhardt and Larry L. Stewart
Sunnyland Racing Arabians

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