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I AM A GODMOM!!!!!!!!!!!

Carla Lawson
Savannah Lakelee Doherty slid into this world at 6:32pm December 11, 2001
she is a 8pound 14oz 21 inches long, dark haired beauty that has the
prettiest pink skin you have ever seen. Robert and I get to be
Godparents!! I am soo proud!! I got be be there to watch her come into
this world! I can't wait to buy her the first pair of riding tights!!! and
little helmet!!
Carla (proud Godmomma!!!)
Ansata (does this make me a godhorse???)
Haley (ohhh a little baby..they are sooo chewy!)
Rob (finally a child that doesn't cost me anything..honey put down that
stateline book!)
PS what on earth could be a better Christmas present??

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