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Re: RC: Vac 'n' Blow horse vaccums? I have a continually muddy pony!


A bought one of these things a few years ago.  Still have it, but don't
use it for that. Does a better job of vacuuming up ladybugs! <grin>  It
works better as a "hair dryer/blower" for drying a wet horse than a
vacuum....nice warm air.  Sunny really liked that once he got used to
it. He was a little suspicious of the vacuuming at first, especially
when it "stuck" to him! <grin>  The attachments are kinda chintzy, the
bags are not reusable and expensive....a dirty horse will fill one up.

Sunny is also a "pig pen", especially if it rains...he likes mud. 

If you want to vacuum your guy, go down to Wal-Mart and pick up a small
shop vac.  Cheaper and works better.  Use the nozzle designed picking up
wet stuff along with one of those dog currys....the ones with the break loose the crusties.  It's also easier to get your horse
used to it. 

I just use my giant economy size Sears Shop Vac....have even been know
to blow the crud off with my air compressor!

Jim, Sun of Dimanche, and Mahada Magic wrote:
> Nikki
> I was wondering if anyone has ever used one of these? What are your
> thoughts. I have a new 6 year old Mustang who is like Pig-Pen from Charlie
> brown.  I have NEVER seen a horse get dirty like this one. I think he
> spends more time rolling than grazing. And we have very fine silty soil. .
>  so he always has a cloud of fine dust when we ride. Drives me NUTS!!!
> Any suggestions.
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