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Re: RC: Re: Any english riders out there (bitting)

Ah, yes, but that's a whole can of worms I didn't want to open! 
Actually, I should have said "It's not the bit it's the AIDS ..."

Thanks Bany
-Abby B

Bany Cranmer wrote:
> Great info & very true but I have to mention - I've been taking
> lessons for 1-1/2 yrs with an instructor that teaches us it's our SEAT
> that stops the horse - the bit & our hands are secondary. It really is
> true...
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Here is my thought about bits in general ... regardless of what you
> use,
> it's not the BIT that stops the horse, it's the hands.  If a given bit
> loses its effectiveness, then the rider needs to use it differently.
> A
> horse becomes numb to the AIDS, not the bit.  A horse becomes heavy on
> the bit because of heavy hands, and light on the bit because of light
> hands.

* * *
Abby Bloxsom
ARICP Certified Instructor
Level III Recreational and Distance Riding
Colebrook, CT USA

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