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Re: Equithane hoof-pak

Equithane is a company that makes several kinds of hoof products...the hoof packing they make that I am familiar with is Equi Pak.  We use it under plastic pads or with a mesh guard.  Is this what you are referring to?  If so, I would recommend that you do get the larger gun and 180cc tubes...more to start out, cheaper in the long run.  Get lots of tips.  The stuff sets fast and if you have to set the gun down or stop for anything, you won't be able to get more out and will have to change tips.  You will at the very least need to change tips for each hoof you fill.   I would recommend that you have your farrier at least help you with it and if he doesn't already have the stuff, maybe you can introduce him to it.  We won't use anything but Equi Pak now.  It's GREAT.  We don't get as technical as Steph described in her post.. no alcohol or special "lips" or anything and have never had any problem with it at all.  It lasts quite well.  I have never done multi days but have done 50s with it and it will stay on for the length of the mare with a special shoeing job (glue ons,etc.) had the stuff on for nearly 12 weeks.  She was not very active though (broken coffin bones).  If you are NOT referring to Equi Pak, you'll still make out better with the larger sizes and need to make sure you have lots of tips for any of those types of products.  They do set pretty fast.  Good luck.

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