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RE: Equithane hoof-pak

Naomi - I've started using this lately, and so far am quite impressed. I've used it on a horse with fairly small, concave feet, and also on Kruschev with his large and flatter feet - so far I haven't had any problem with it staying in place. I have my farrier do it - he makes a concave ring on the inside of the shoe rim to create a lip which helps hold it in place. Also pares the sole down (slightly) near the hoof wall to also created a thicker lip of packing. We clean and dry the sole surface with alchohol. After nailing on the shoes, he wraps the foot in duct tape and squirts the stuff in between the sole and the tape until it just starts coming out the heel. Then we stand the horse on a hard flat surface (plywood) until it has set. I did a 50 mile rocky ride with the smaller footed horse, and have been conditioning Kruschev in fairly rocky ground - at six weeks now and the packing is still very tight and intact. Can't tell you more about how long it lasts, but I think the key is in the application - get it right and tight and it seems to last quite well.
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Sent: Monday, December 10, 2001 12:02 PM
Subject: RC: Equithane hoof-pak

I'm interested in trying this product instead of traditional pads for an upcoming ride.  I'd like some advice from someone who's used it!  They have two sizes of dispensing guns -- 48cc and 180cc (smaller one is less expensive).  Also have things called "mixing tips".  What all do I need?  Can I do it, or do I need my farrier to apply it?  How long does it last?  Will it last through a multi-day ride?
Thanks very much!

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