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Re: RC: Equithane hoof-pak

At 12:01 PM 12/10/2001 -0700, Naomi Preston wrote:
I'm interested in trying this product instead of traditional pads for an upcoming ride.  I'd like some advice from someone who's used it!  They have two sizes of dispensing guns -- 48cc and 180cc (smaller one is less expensive).  Also have things called "mixing tips".  What all do I need?  Can I do it, or do I need my farrier to apply it?  How long does it last?  Will it last through a multi-day ride?

Hi Naomi:

At the bottom of my page is a link:

Interested in providing extra hoof protection to your horse without using pads? Want to see what Easyboots
     look like after 250 miles? Want to see how to apply Hoof-It or Equithane? Photos

Click on "Photos". 

Once you are on that page, you can go to the bottom of that and click on Lucy's pages of photos she put up of Jim applying the stuff to our horses at Tevis one year.  His email link on there is outdated tho (I think), so maybe he'll see this and say something. :+)   I used this on Rocky's hind feet, and easyboots on his front feet (I like easyboots a lot better)

Is the upcoming ride you are going to DVE?

Happy Trails,

in NV

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