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Older gelding wanted

I have been helping someone I know named Pam Groff try to find a first horse
and coaching her on my horses, but she is definitely ready for her first
horse.  Another friend has been giving her regular lessons.  This is a sale
OR lease situation, in SE PA, near Spring City.

Does anyone have a healthy, old (can be ancient), quiet gelding that they
would like to find a GOOD riding home for?  Her boarding barn is a converted
dairy barn that has 20 horse stalls and access to two good pastures, but
with only one other horse--a well-mannered young (purebred Arabian) stallion
that Pam cares for and rides under the supervision of the owner.  They
*have* gone to see exceptionally mannered old mares, however.

About her goals:  Pam volunteered at our Blue Mountain Trot and was very
excited about CTR.  She would like to compete someday on borrowed horses,
but first she would like to finish her first year of beginner lessons to
have gain experience with simple obstacles like gates, backing, bridges,
riding in groups, on hills, and sidepassing.  Her regular-lesson horse is
currently an old, somewhat opinionated, half-draft.  Pam has been diagnosed
with multiple sclerosis even though she appears symptom-free most of the
time.  She has a a tight budget because of her medical expenses, but has
saved up for some initial or extraordinary horse expenses, for example, vet
bills.  She is very petite, has a confident seat and seems to be a kind and
considerate rider.

Once she learns well enough, Pam could ride one of my horses in
competitions.  If we find her the right horse now, she could be able to
practice her lessons in the riding ring on the farm where she works and
therefore get more than once-a-week riding in.  The farm owner used to breed
Arabians and board, but is only interested in pleasure-riding and
occasionally coaching for fun now.  He seems knowledgeable enough, and
test-rode our oldest mare same day as Pam did.  If you have such a gelding
that Pam could lesson and/or pony on and that in a few months we could put
behind other experienced riders on easy walk-trot trail rides, please let
Pam ( know.  Thank you in advance.

Bridget Brickson

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