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RE: Wintec ProEndurance Saddle

My 14 yo daughter saved to pay for half of hers.  She loves it and did 
2 fifty milers this yr on it.  Says it fits all horses, so far and 
distributes the weight of the ride well.  The seat is 'the best' as it 
is some sort of gel padding.  I thought my older Passier was nice but 
the proendurance is like the passier with padding.  I have had 2 
wintecs in past and the one about 14 yrs old is now relegated for 
training the young ones and one bought in 91 is still used but not in 
perfect condition for showing, but useable for training.  The 91 model 
I paid $300 for so can't complain as that is about 30/yr, not including 
the girth and stirrups, which I am using on other saddles.  I will 
eventually get one for myself.  Mary Ann

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