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Re: cliffhangers

I ride on a lot of cliff-sides, too.  I never thought
I was afraid of heights until I felt I had little
control of what happened in an emergency.  The horse
had a bit to say there if he spooked!  I had to learn
to trust his self-preservation instincts.  (And yes, I
had one horse who I firmly believed had none!)

I did notice that my horse & those of many of my
friends seemed to want to hug the cliff edge of the
trail.  VERY disconcerting.  I started thinking about
why that happened and I really looked at my riding &
that of those around me.

I found that we unconsciously leaned away from the
edge.  In doing so, I weighted the seat bone away from
the cliff edge.  I was pushing my horse over towards
the edge with that seat bone being weighted.  Once I
sat up straight & even like I normally did, the
problem seemed to disappear.


Linda Flemmer
Blue Wolf Ranch
West Virginia

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