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Re: Re: cliffhangers

Hey, Barbara,

You are way tough!

I'm afraid of heights too, but fortunately, not that afraid.  However, this
is my time to lobby for a horse to whom you are "joined at the hip".  I used
to ride Sun down this little trail in Griffith Park.  There was one part
that overlooked--and I mean this in the most intense sense possible--the
trains about fifty feet below in Travel Town.  Sun liked to stop there to
graze.  His head was down and off to my right, below my stirrup was pure
space down to the trains.  No chance I would argue with him about bites of
grass and lets go, lets go.

What saved my sanity was that I always knew that he would never kill
himself; he always tried to keep me on him; as long as I was on him, I
wouldn't die either.


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Sent: Monday, December 10, 2001 7:03 AM
Subject: RC: Re: cliffhangers

> Welcome to the club!!!!  I've been this way since as long as I can
> I used to be this way, even on foot, but am much better now about myself.
> I'm still terrified when on a horse, because I don't have control.  If
> just my own body, I have some control.  I get what I consider panic
> accompanied with a stabbing pain in the groin, much as if I had been
> by an electric fence.  When on a horse, and confronted with such a spot, I
> get off and lead.  But I realize I can't lead for 15 miles or more; that's
> primarily why I don't ride Tevis any more.  I've never seen the California
> Trail out of Foresthill, but if it is anything like most people describe
> I don't ever want to.  It pays to have an utterly unflappable and reliable
> horse under you.  And don't look down.  I've even put my hand up to the
> that's on the side nearest the drop-off; that is marginally helpful.  It's
> like blinders on a driving horse's bridle.
> Sorry, I can't help you overcome your fear, as I haven't learned to
> mine.  But I keep at it all the time, and I'm making some progress.
> Barbara McCrary
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> Subject: RC: cliffhangers
> > guest
> > i dont feel safe riding along narrow trails that drop off. anyone out
> > there get over this fear? And how?
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