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Good old days...

Was doing some housecleaning and came across a Nov. 1982 issue of
Wow, neat to see the old pictures and thoughts back then, almost 20
years ago.

Susan's editorial was about US having to take responsibility for our
horses, not just relying on the Vets. Do we know how to take the P/R's,
check hydration, trot the horse out before showing to the vets, assess
its REAL attitude. (All shades of what the DUCK tells us to do too.)

There was a memorial to Bill Stuckey by Bernice Kalland, a picture of a
younger, but still serious Jan Worthington crossing a river, a picture
of Sherode Powers winning the Drakes Bay 50 on Kachina FireWind (later
owned by Emmett Ross and they won the Haggin Cup.) That article was
written by Robin Zuniga (Hinrichs!)
There was a picture of Dr. Harry Fryer winning the Faraonson Ride in
Norco by just a few feet (was that a big crop in your hand Harry?)
A neat section on Junior Riders included Lew Hollander the III, age 10
(not the old man, his son...) and a youthfull picture of a 10 year old
Danielle Kanavy and she mentions her first endurance ride on a pony with
her dad. The next year at age 9 she got a mare from Maggie Price and did
the Old Dominion 100. The same year she won the Kettle Morraine 100 and
IAHA Championship. Huh? they had that 20 years ago? She won a saddle and
was thrilled.

It is really something to see how things have changed and how so many
things are the same. I  thank Susan Gibson for her vision and magazine
back then. It is great to see a lot of the same names out there after 20
years. Hope mine will be there 20 years from now...

Steve Shaw

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