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Re: cliffhangers

On the first day of the Bryce Canyon XP about 10 or 12 miles into the ride
you come upon a vista where you can virtually see forever. When you leave
the vista, the trail is only about 9 inches wide for about 30 feet and the
drop off is a couple thousand feet, one slip and you are history. This was
my horse's second ride and my fourth, not much experience. As we were
creeping along the trail I was thinking to myself that the ride manager
could certainly find a safer trail. Not until I did the ride the next year
did I realize that I was actually off trail. From the vista you need to turn
around, go back to pick up the well marked ride trail . The trail I took the
first year was a game trail. Live and learn.

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> guest
> i dont feel safe riding along narrow trails that drop off. anyone out
> there get over this fear? And how?
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