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Cliff hangers

I too have always had a problem with drop off trails, but I am also very stubborn and will not let a trail get the best of me.  I used to live on the Tevis Trail in Michigan Bluff and the one thing that I found that helped was repetition, once I road over a trail several times it did not seem as bad as the first few times.  If it was a new trail and I did not feel secure I would get off and walk until I felt secure, and I hate to walk.  If on familiar trail and there was a bad section and I felt safe trotting, I would, to make the bad section go by faster.  Do not look down, if you want to enjoy the view look across.  I have been known to close my eyes for real short sections.  I have never had a wreck on a bad section of trail but I do refuse to let it get the best of me and restrict the riding that I do.  Again I stress repetition is the key to overcoming this fear.
Corky Young

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