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RE: wintec pro endurance saddles

I have a Wintec Pro that I have had for about 3-1/2 years.  I really like it
and have ridden many miles in it. I replaced the irons with E-Z ride
stirrups and use a woolback pad. I live in Bear Valley Springs and ride a
lot of hills and it always stays in place. It is a very comfortable saddle
for me also. It is also holding up really well and shows almost no signs of
wear. I use it on two horses and they have had no back problems at all.
No - I don't work for Wintec - just like the saddle!

Peggy Bergman-Smith
Bear Valley Springs

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> Subject: RC: wintec pro endurance saddles
> Barbara Kempa
> I was thinking about purchasing a wintec pro, and was wondering if anyone
> has any feed back.
> Thanks
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