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Re men in tights -- can you (or your significant other) sew?

I LIKE men in tights! <grin>

Suitability patterns makes a pattern for riding tights... I don't see how it could be said it's shaped for women only, because it's pretty straight seams all the way down.  In fact I've modified mine to be a little more roomy over my thunder thighs and Amazon calves ;-D  while still being close fitting in the knee area.  I've also added about an inch at the top of the back because they don't pull up as high as I'd like there (must mean I have a large butt) and cut an inch off the front as it rose TOO high there.  I can whip out a simple pair (all one color, no side stripe etc) in a little over an hour.  Probably no more than 2-1/2 hours for a fancy, color blocked pair.

Green Pepper makes a neat pattern I have not tried yet, for tights with a diagonal stripe.  It starts in the middle of the back center seam, crosses the knee and ends up at the inside ankle.

Thay also make patterns for MEN'S (and women's) stretch *breeches* (i.e. with a zipper, Howard), and riding sweats -- closer fitting than regular sweats.


Fabric:  lots of lycra materials (and patterns) at these sites-- shiny nylon, cotton, stretch Polartec, supplex.  The Canadian place is a little more expensive but has some kewl prints whereas Seattle only has solids.     Seattle, WA  Canada

Howard -- if you guys have to pay more for your tights, that's only fair -- have you priced women's jeans compared to men's??  Have you seen how much BRAS cost fer gossakes?? ;-D  Especially for us, um, overly blessed types who have to keep trying new ones hoping the next one will be the one to keep us from painfully bouncing!  (The Enell WORKS, ladies!  Expensive, not attractive, and very tight, but NO bouncing.  Kind of like Chinese foot binding, for your boobs ;-D)

Karen in very snowy northern Idaho

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