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Good Morning Campers,  i just returned from a most pleasing winter day riding with Kata,a student at American University who is going back to Budapest on Friday w/a duffel bag of stuff to the schools in time for Christmas. In it she has 100 coloring books and crayons donated by Mary de la Fontaine who is an artist here in Luray.  She has a childrens book on Virtues, Wheres Waldo?, and a picture book of forest animals.  The most beautiful flute donated by Lynne Glazer, and a piccolo, and an assortment of wood flutes, harmonica, jaw harp and all kinds of things and music books.  100 Christmas bags to be filled up by Kata in Budapest of chewing gum, candy, nuts and fruit. Comes to find out Kata was the Hungarian Chef d'keep at the WEC. THANK YOU Kata and Mary and Lynne..  Hopefully, the children will have a nice Christmas.  tom sites

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