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Re: Men in tights...

Talk to Evelyn at , she makes really good quality tights any way you want them.  Just nice plain black tights look pretty tasty on most men, if you ask me, and they'll be a lot more comfortable for you than jeans.  And she knows what works best for riding and what doesn't work.
Her prices are fair, the workmanship is the best around and (above all in my book) she delivers exactly what and when she says she will, which is becoming a disappointingly rare commodity these days.  I won't buy my tights from any one else for love ner money.
Good luck!
Susan G
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From: Tim Worden
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Sent: Saturday, December 08, 2001 8:08 PM
Subject: RC: Men in tights...

Ok guys...I hear tights are the way to go when it
comes to endurance.  All these magazines and website
mostly list tights for women.  Any advise on what us
men should wear for comfort?  What brands are guys
using?  I'm assuming I'll need riding tights for my
best comfort and performance over the long fast miles.
 Since my wife said I wouldn't make it 25+ miles in my
extremely comfy $13 Wal-Mart Rustler jeans...I love
these jeans.


Sings the song from Mel Brooks version of Robin Hood
"We are men....we're men in tights...TIGHT tights"

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