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Re: RC: Re: Conditioning for High Humidity?

I don't think you can condition them for high humidity without riding in it. If you can go our a ride in fog that would help some - fog is 100% humidity. Ride as much as you can in warm foggy conditions.

As far as riding in it use lots of water. Sponge as frequently as possible. Every time you come to water sponge, even if you have to stop. At vet checks always pull the saddle - the saddle covers a large area. Lots of water and maybe even ice on the neck will help. Water water water is the way to keep it cooled down.

Truman wrote:


I have always lived on the West Coast, I do not think I have ever experienced
High Humidity.  That would you and others do special to condition the horse
for high humidity conditions?  Are there special things you do to help the
horse recover at vet checks during heavy air conditions? I am talking about
taking a West Coast horse to the Midwest.


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