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URGENT!! Please Please HELP!! (# 1.)

Dear Fellow Ridecampers
Please take time to read this 2 part PLEA!!!
I believe that "true" horse lovers and endurance
riders in particular, are the salt of the earth. We
love the wind in our hair and a good horse beneath us
to carry us to those places which give us peace and
meaning to our lives. We know how to do without the
diamonds and furs, and the country club, because horse
feed is more important. We know how to put others
before ourselves, we know how to stick together and
endure hardship,and help one another. That is my
concept of horse people, and I believe our horses have
taught us that.

We all have read stories where people fall on hard
times and let their horses starve for whatever
inescusable reason they have, and I have NO sympathy
for people who will watch their horses starve, yet we
put aside our anger and do our best to rescue the
victums RIGHT??? Because that is the way we are.
This is NOT that kind of a story!!! 
I was cruising the internet a few days ago and found  It is the most outstanding website I
have ever visited.  The horses are breathtaking, and
raised correctly, outside running free. These horses
were carefully bred to be athletes, not just pretty
faces. I must have gone back to the site to drool
about 5 times when I noticed that the farm was for
sale. I thought to myself "what is the story here and
why is this place for sale?"
All of us treasure what we have, our way of life, our
homes, families and of course our horses. Consider if
you can working all of your adult life, with ups and
downs and one day by the stroke of a bureaucrats pen 
losing everything you worked for, and your beautiful
horses that you have carefully bred, raised and loved,
having to be sold, losing your home, all of the
hopelessness and despair like a violent deluge,
drowning out your life.
I felt something break in my heart when I stuck my
nose into Julie and Dennis's business,and learned the
story, I felt an  anger rising inside of me like a
tsunami. Thousands and thousands of dollars given to
the Clintons for their houses and these GOOD people
ZERO...nada...I can't sleep at night knowing that WE,
in numbers can help these people. WE can turn this
thing around!!!! PLEASE PLEASE it is urgent!!! March
5th is the deadline. I asked Julie if I could help her
and her answer is in part #2.
I need MY faith restored in people, and I believe in
miracles,and I know WE as horse people SALT OF THE
EARTH can easily right this wrong that has befallen
these people.
debbie zanot NE
PS I sent a $100. check today.. one of many RIGHT???
Read #2.

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