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Re: RC: Re: there's more to 'condition' than just cardiovascular

Let us not forget the back. I would suspect it takes about two years or
maybe 500 miles (more for some, less of some )  to get the back
conditioned sufficiently.

There there is the conditioning of the hoofs.


Amanda Perez wrote:

>   Good point.  here's what comes to my mind.. any additions?
> Things to train for:
> 1.  cardiovascular fitness
> 2.  strength (bone, muscle)
> 3.  agility/sure-footedness
> 4.  heat tolerance (sweating)
> 5.  'attitude' (manners, willingness, fearlessness)
> 6.  maintenance behavior (eating and drinking during rides for
> ex)
> Any others?  Any tips on exefcises for the non-cardio items
> (espec #5)?

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