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RE:I have a problem long....

I watched my friends gelding (Penny Adams) turn it down a notch when he rode 
a few organized trail rides and we rode in the middle. We were allowed to 
break the pack and move along at some times but we also stopped and let the 
others catch up. It resulted in him no longer being a butthead on his own or 
in a group. His HR came down faster in the vet checks. The organized rides 
also helped me with a goofy QH (yes folks they are out there!.) Her hangups 
was actually barn sourness. Ansata has paraded some and trail rode some and 
with her she  is not as shy however on her own e v e  r y t h iing s  lo ws 
dow n!
She needs more time breaking away from the  herd and exploring on her own. 
So along side breaking down feeds, hay, and supplements try finding an 
organized trail ride where there are tons of other horses and they go at a 
slow pace that may force your horse to take it easy!
carla (not the epitamy of knowledge but..hey  I can admit it!!!)
ansata (MOM wants me to LEAVE the HERD???)
haley (yeah but leave the food behind!)
rob (oh good trail rides means SLOW moving I can handle that!)
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