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Re: RC: FEI Rides in the SE


I just checked   I
didn't remember Liberty Run and I didn't see it on the list.


Jim Holland wrote:

> Hope everyone had a happy Turkey Day!
> I've been kinda trying to put my ride schedule together for next
> year...deciding which rides I'm gonna attend, etc.  Unlike last year,
> the Ride Schedule online doesn't say which rides are FEI sanctioned.
> Yet, I got a note that listed the FEI rides for 2002, which indicated
> that the spring Biltmore and Liberty Run are FEI sanctioned.  Would
> someone confirm this for me please so I can remove them from my list of
> rides to attend?
> If this is the case, I would like to formally request to AERC that FEI
> sanctioned rides be listed as such in the online schedule.
> Hmmm...the thought crossed my mind that maybe they're not listed online
> because it might affect attendance?
> Jim, Sun of Dimanche, and Mahada Magic

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