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Re: snow snow snow

Yeah Paddi -
I'm kinda disappointed of our weather here right now. It seems like our winters are getting shorter and shorter. It's too darn warm here for this time of year (40s yesterday, 50s today). They say there will be snow later in the week, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
An indoor is last on my list, too. In fact, it isn't even on my list, even my "lottery" list. I just love winter riding. Sure, sometimes I'm glad to get back to the barn, I do get cold, but not too often. Sometimes, I just can't go out, the weather's just too dangerous, but not that much. I'm way more apt to stay home in the summer. July and August, I only rode about 8-9 times, just too damn hot. Never let 'em tell ya Buffalo, New York never has a summer. We do, and you can sure as heck have it, I don't want it!!
That's right, get long underwear, polarfleece tights, good boots & gloves, helmet liners, all that stuff and get those ponies out on the trail. Too many wimps (in my neighborhood, anyway) relying on the indoor arenas. Mostly show riders, who don't know what they're missing, anyway.
Makes for lonely rides sometimes, but that's okay. My horse kids stay in better shape than the horses who only do circles all winter. We're not bored, either.
I feel sorry for the Southern folks, who don't get to experience winter riding. I still day camp, leaving in the dark a.m. and returning in the dark p.m. It's just sooo beautiful
and peaceful, there's just nothing else that compares.
Plus I love shopping for winter riding clothes!!!!
Ride Safe (and pray for snow) -
Cheryl in WNY
Horse kids Kit, Bobby & Dani
Subject: RC: snow snow snow
Maybe it is because I live in igloo land but I can't wait until the big fluffy stuff falls from the sky. The more the better!
Forget the arena and buy more warm underwear. Cheaper in the long run.
Good for the horses.
 They all seem to enjoy the riding and none have suffered from the cold weather.
Happy Trails
Paddi Sprecher

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