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snow snow snow

Maybe it is because I live in igloo land but I can't wait until the big fluffy stuff falls from the sky. The more the better!
Today I did a real slow 6 miles on a Morgan I have offered to put some conditioning on. It is -9C which is balmy up here for this time of year. My favorite is when it is light snow knee deep or more. Gives a great workout, makes the landings soft if required and is lots of fun to ride in.
Forget the arena and buy more warm underwear. Cheaper in the long run.
Good for the horses.
I don't have a barn so I use polar fleece blankets to wick away the sweat, towel the horse dry as best I can and use a New Zealand blanket if required to keep them snug in the cold for the night. I always remove the blanket first thing in the morning so they can get used to the weather in the warmth of the day.
We have 3 sided sheds for weather protection. They all seem to enjoy the riding and none have suffered from the cold weather.
I use foot warmers bought at a camping store to keep my feet warm. The rest of me stays toasty from the heat off the horse.
Happy Trails
Paddi Sprecher
Canadian Trail House
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Devon  Alberta
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