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RE: indoor arena

Haha - I've been thinking of a winter home somewhere warm.  But my boss
won't even let me work from home 20 miles away, let alone 1500 miles!  But
I'd love to come there - our ride season has been over for almost 2 months,
just when I felt we were ready for our first 50!
Marlene (6" of snow, 2 foot drifts and spent the day reconfiguring the barn
so the mustangs would stay inside)

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From: 	Rides 2 Far []
Sent:	Friday, November 23, 2001 11:35 AM
Subject:	indoor arena

>So has anyone come up with a great idea or company to get an indoor
arenafairly cheaply?I have contacted
> companies that advertise huge buildings for less than $20k,

Ug! Considering the low cost of air travel right now...wouldn't it be
cheaper to just ship your horse down here and fly down to ride some real
trails on weekends? >g<

Angie (feeling guilty for not bothering to ride even though it's nice
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