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Re: Indoor arena

Hi, Marlene -

A friend of mine has a neat indoor arena that looks just like an 
airplane hangar!  I believe it's called Fabri-Steel (?).  The nice 
things about it include a slightly opaque fabric-type covering over a 
metal frame which keeps out wind and rain but still lets in some 
natural light - not as dark and dusty as some traditional indoor 
arenas can get.  Also, they don't require a building permit (at least 
not around here), as they are not considered a "permanent" structure. 
I'm not certain as to what the pricing is on those when compared to 
a traditional clear-span arena; perhaps it's somewhat less expensive 
just because there are not any building permits and other fees your 
county might assess.  We are considering putting in one of these 
arenas on our property in the next 2-3 years.  Check them out:

Good luck with your search!

Kindest Regards,

Tracey Ritter
Portland, OR (soon to be Camas, WA)

Tracey Ritter, on 11/23/2001

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