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Re: RC: navicular and shoeing w/pads

This is what worked for me:

10 year old Arab with some miles, some top tens.  Injection of Legend into joint and then Adequan once a week for 4 weeks and once a month after that.  He was shod with 3 degree wedge pads which are cut out so that there is only a bar across the heel area.  These pads are commercially made also, so that you don't have to cut them out.  This prevents the sole from getting soft and from getting thrush.  This horse had really flat feet...This worked really well for about two years but unfortunately, this is the horse who died so suddenly last year and I don't know how long he would have stayed sound but he was still sound when he died.

My other horse is 15 and showing Navicular changes and I did not go the Legend into the joint route but did do the Adequan and he gets it once a month now and he has stayed sound.  I am planning to pull his shoes after DVE and then see how he does in about 8 weeks.

I am a great believer in Adequan.  Other people have great results with glucosamine and I have never tried it because the Adequan works so well.......  maryben

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