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Re: rides in the southeast

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Sent: Tuesday, November 20, 2001 8:05 AM
Subject: RC: rides in the southeast

Jennifer Robinson
Hello - I've been doing CTR's this past year and hope to do a few LD rides
this coming year.  Besides the 25 at Biltmore in the fall, can anyone tell
me about rides in the North Georgia, East TN, Western VA, Western NC,
Piedmont SC areas??  Looking to do 3 or 4 this coming year.

Thanks so much!
Jennifer and Zena (the little Morgan who can)


Check out the following webpage:

It might be a bit far south for you to travel, but Florida has more scheduled AERC rides this year than we've ever had before.  And we welcome LDers down here.  Ya'll come down and enjoy the fantastic weather.  We need you out of staters to keep it all going.  Come on down, you won't be disappointed.  And, please, don't forget that Health Certificate.  Our border patrol has gotten a bit too serious lately, but they're just trying to keep us all safe from those terrorist horses.  Be prepared to tell them that your gray Arab is really gray, not white, like some of them seem to think.



Howard (and don't forget to fuel up at the last Georgia stop off the Interstate)

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