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Re: RC: 2002 Big Horn 100/50 mile ride

Sorry, Lynda. us old timers forget sometimes.  The Big Horn 100 is in Shell, 
Wyoming, USA.  It predates the AERC.  The first BH 100 was in 1971.  It was 
twice the site of the ROC and if you every read/see Karen Paulo's book on 
endurance riding, there are about 10 photos of the BH trail.  Cindy

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From: Cliff Fenneman <>
To: Cindy Collins <>
Subject: Re: RC:  2002 Big Horn 100/50 mile ride
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2001 15:28:20 -0800

I think it would be useful to say what part of the country this ride is
in...since these posts go all over the would be interesting
to be more specific.


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