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The Floridian's Lament

Just couldn't wait until the heat broke so I could really start training....and it finally did....and was quickly followed by the time change. So now the temperture is comfortable but it gets dark so dang early!!
My work schedule is usually 8:30 to 4:30, thought it is flexible. 'Round here it's dark by 6:00 (and getting earlier) I have about a 35 minute commute.
How often during the week, and when, do all of you full-timers ride? Keep in mind, Mercedes and I are just starting out. We completed our first LD with all As, but only because we took 5 and a quarter hours. We are not in condition yet to go any faster and still come in as we should.
I'm starting to try to figure out a way to ride in the morning, as I really don't enjoy riding at night in my neighborhood all that much. (cars, 4-wheelers, dogs) I'd really like to know how everybody else does it.
We plan on attending Goethe in December.....if we can get enough training in.
Patti (Is that a drunk redneck up there or just a tree?)
Mercedes (Mom, can I get some night vision goggles?)

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