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Vita Flex Acculytes

To those of you who use Acculytes by Vita-Flex, you may be in for a shock 
the next time you buy them. I have been using them for about 2 years now and 
the price has been around $45 for a 20 lb tub from my local tack shop.  I 
really liked them so I was willing to pay about twice the cost of Elite 
Apple electrolytes (around $20 for 20 lbs).  I ran out of Acculytes and 
couldn't get to my regular place so I stopped at a local place and refused 
to pay the outrageous price of $44 for 5lbs.  But then I saw that the price 
was high at another place, so I was beginning to wonder if Vita Flex had 
raised the price.  I got my answer last weekend when I picked up my 20 lb 
tub from my regular price.  The price had gone up over $20.  So I sent an 
email to Vita Flex, and there answer is below:

Robert Boivin wrote:

  Dear Carolyn:

  First let me thank you for using the Vita-Flex product, AccuLytes.  The
  AccuLytes' price was set back in 1988. Even back then the AccuLytes 
  was being sold for a very small profit margin.  Over the years the price 
  raw materials have gone up, and because of our company's rapid growth, the
  cost to manufacture the AccuLytes product was never reevaluated.

  This year Vita-Flex reevaluated the cost on all of our products. We
  discovered that we have been loosing money on the production of the
  AccuLytes product for quite some time.  As you can imagine this is not a
  good way to maintain any company's longevity.  We had three choices to 
  First, we could have discontinued the product.  Second, we could have
  reformulated the product to lessen the quality as well as the cost to make
  it. Third, we could increase the selling price of the AccuLytes to cover 
  cost of manufacturing the product.

  We chose to cover the cost of manufacturing the AccuLytes product, and
  maintain the high quality the product has always had.  This was a hard
  choice for us to make, and I am sorry that the price of the AccuLytes
  product went up so much. We do appreciate your business and I hope you
  decide to continue to use the AccuLytes product.

  Best wishes,

  Robert Boivin
  Vita-Flex Nutrition
  voice (800)848-2359 fax(802)244-8353

  -----Original Message-----
  From: Carolyn Burgess []
  Sent: Tuesday, November 06, 2001 9:12 PM
  Subject: Acculytes

  Hi.  I don't know if you're the appropriate person to contact, but here
  goes.  I'm trying to find out why Acculytes had a 50% price increase
  over the last several months.  I know my tack shop owner and she is only
  passing on the price increase to her.  I really like Acculytes, but they
  were pricy to begin with and now, even priciers.  I think that Vita-Flex
  needs to justify this price increase.

  Carolyn Burgess

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