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Was hold my magnolia now Hold My Cold Drank I am gonna whip some *###

> Now ya'll just hold a sec here...I have to agree that just because a
Southern Belle moves to Yankee Territory its only to help edumicate  the

Personally, as a Southern female who is closer to the model of Mammy
Yokum and Daisy Mae (I actually own furniture that belonged to one of the
*real* Hatfields), I'd just about as soon spend time with just about
*anybody* as one of our "true" Southern Belles. Somehow I doubt we have
any real ones in this sport...DADDY can't make it easy enough for them!

Speaking of southern...who's going to Hahira? :-D   

P.S. Carla, forget the beer and give me an RC cola...or at least a Diet

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