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Was hold my magnolia now Hold My Cold Drank I am gonna whip some *###

Carla Lawson
Now ya'll just hold a sec here...I have to agree that just because a
Southern Belle moves to Yankee Territory its only to help edumicate the
Yankees on a few things such as Holding Liquor, To search for a rich
husband, Shopping at Macys, Saks or Bernies, or to help another Southern
Belle in need. Also to show ya'll that we can ride in the south...notice
all those fine show jumpers do move to Florida till spring rolls around.
But it shouldn't be..Scuse me hold my Magnolia..It should have been titled
Scuse me hold my COLD Dra-ank. I do not fan myself nor do I drink Mint
Juleps unless it is on Derby day.
I use the A/C and I drink Tom Collins,Tequila shooters, Jack and Coke or a
ice cold Beer...which is much better if it is cooled with Dry Ice.. not
the wet stuff. Yes we can do stuff on our own but why should we when there
is a perfectly good man sitting there to do it? further more...We are
getting a bit more liberated..We don't ask our men to defend our honor. We
pretty much learned that we can very well kick some ass and we feel pretty
darn good afterward. However we can't figure out why those yanks keep
coming????and staying? and complain about being here? how backwards we
are. etc. etc. etc.
Have ya'll ever noticed that the Westerners never get caught up in these
discussions? They have always been very Neutral. I like keep
this endurance related...Does any one know if the Pyramid Society is going
to do the endurance ride in 2002 at the egyptian event????

Carla (gotta go get my truck washed now)
Ansata (MOMMMMMYYYY????????????)
Rob (Can we go look at duallys?)

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