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Unbroke 5 year old too old to break?

At 05:37 PM 11/6/01 -0700, you wrote:
> > I am thinking about buying a 5 1/2 year old mare that is halter broke,
> > lunges etc but has never been saddled/bridled.  Is this horse too old to
> > be broke to ride?
>Good Lord, thank your lucky stars that you managed to find a horse that
>wasn't backed at two, competing at three and four and crippled by five.  I
>just finished a week of equine lameness rotations at the vet hospital and it
>was an unending parade of beautiful young horses that had permanant injuries
>because they'd been ridden too hard too early.
>If everything else about her fits your goals, don't let that one thing stand
>in your way.  Have fun!

Actually, her "lack" of training at her age enhances her value as she will last
longer and you will have less problems with her.

Marv "Dyslexic tang tungler." Walker
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