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Building A Tack Cabinet

Well - I took my mill list to the yard the other day, and it will cost about $180 for the plywood and 2x4s. I'm using 3/4" good-one-side, and studding the walls for the built-in saddle racks (it will hold four western saddles). I'm reinforcing the floor, using a 2x4 as little joists. That way, I can stand inside without bowing the floor. I'm cutting air vents and will screen them.
I found some sites on the 'net, and boy, the prices are fierce! I could only find dinky little ones you take to shows, nothing like I'm building. I have seen tall Rubbermaid storage cabinets that could work very well, but I'm not into the plastic look.
The cabinet will be 4x4x8. It will have a double door. I'm still debating if the saddles will go on the side or the back wall, each wall will be four feet wide, so width is not an issue. I'll make up bridle racks and a couple of shelves. I won't be buying anything that I can't make. I'll have room for a couple of the grooming boxes, a step stool, etc. I will make up a blanket bar for drying and mount it on the outside. I'll have wheels on it.
I have two trunks which I use for wraps, boots, pads and blankets. I'm thinking of building a nice big trunk after I finish this cabinet. 
Should be a fun project. I'll keep you posted...
Thanks for all the ideas!
Cheryl in WNY
Horse Kids Kit, Bobby & Dani

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