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truck camping

I'd be interested in > hearing
> from those of you that camp in your cars/trucks.  How to you stay >
warm in> cool weather? 

Sub-zero sleeping bag, reinforced by wool army blankets if
necessary...bring your fleece lined houseshoes to wear inside that if
it's REALLY cold.  Keep the clothes you're putting on the next morning in
the bottom of your sleeping bag.  Attempt to get dressed in your sleeping
bag.  You'll be so frustrated that you won't even care how cold you are
when you get mad and rip it off to get dressed in the 30degree cab.

 >In warm weather, how do you manage air flow with 
> allowing free access to bugs?

Don't shower.  They'll avoid you. >g<  Honestly, I can't think when I've
had a problem even with my windows open.  I love the smell of smoke and
tend to saturate myself with it by campfires...wonder if that helps. :-)

  Are there other helpful hints you are willing 
> to send my way??

Worst part to me was the light in my eyes.  My eyelids must be clear. I
can't stand *any* light.  100's are usually held on full moons and the
light kept me awake until I learned to sleep with a black t-shirt draped
over my eyes. 

I sleep in the front seat of a pickup if alone.  Lay the seats all the
way back and take the time to stuff the seatbelt buckles behind the seat
or you'll regret it. Raise the tilt wheel.  Ahhh, home sweet home. 

You've got lots of windows so for goodness sake, get dressed in the
dark...don't put on a show for the neighbors!  I once went to a really
cold ride in Mississippi just to crew for friends.  It got gradually
colder the entire weekend and I kept adding more clothes.  The night was
BITTER and I FROZE ( found out next morning one reason was that my friend
had stolen the wool blanket I had blocking the wind from me in the back
of the stock trailer and put it on his horse.  I finally ended up wearing
every stitch of clothes I'd brought at once.  Sunday we came home (left
Friday) and when I started removing clothes I got to the bottom layer and
realized it was what I'd left in Friday.  Hadn't seen that layer in days.
>g<  Easier than packing a dirty clothes hamper I guess. :-P

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