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Re: RC: truck camping

Must have been one of the ones I did! I got so cold that I went out with
every stitch of cloths I had on the last loop of the 100, Gloves, wool hat
under my helmet, down vest, jacket, two pairs of tights, etc. But then my
feet started to freeze. You know they don't teach us in FL how to ride in
adverse conditions:-). Well I was dying and the only way I could get warm was
to get off and jog with the horse - which I did the last 5 miles.


Rides 2 Far wrote:You've got lots of windows so for goodness sake, get
dressed in the

> dark...don't put on a show for the neighbors!  I once went to a really
> cold ride in Mississippi just to crew for friends.  It got gradually
> colder the entire weekend and I kept adding more clothes.  The night was
> BITTER and I FROZE ( found out next morning one reason was that my friend
> had stolen the wool blanket I had blocking the wind from me in the back
> of the stock trailer and put it on his horse.  I finally ended up wearing
> every stitch of clothes I'd brought at once.  Sunday we came home (left
> Friday) and when I started removing clothes I got to the bottom layer and
> realized it was what I'd left in Friday.  Hadn't seen that layer in days.
> >g<  Easier than packing a dirty clothes hamper I guess. :-P
> Angie

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