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Re: Re: ...hold my magnolia(NC/BigHorn)

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From: Ric & Gretchen
Sent: Monday, November 05, 2001 9:21 PM
Subject: RC: Re: ...hold my magnolia(NC/BigHorn)
Why, Mr. Holland, Sir, I do declare~  I must take umbrage with you about the post calling Ms. Cindy an ex-Southern Belle.  One is always a Southern Belle, even if she chooses to live in Yankee territory.  We are never exes......~S~ 
~Fanning myself on the front porch, mint julip in hand~  ~VBG~ 
Ms. Gretchen Patterson
A Southern Belle from East Texas~
Listening to this is why I will never ever leave the South.  I can just hear Gretchen saying this, sounding exactly like Scarlet O'Hara.  Although, I do believe a true Southern Belle would never choose to live in Yankee territory.  I think, maybe, if she were to be hogtied and kidnapped, this could happen, but it would only be a temporary situation.  Once the kidnapper removed the gag from her mouth, he would soon realize his mistake and release her immediately.
Life ain't worth livin, without Southern wimmen.
Howard  (going thru World Series withdrawal; wasn't that the best Series ever?)


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