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aaaah merino!

Ok, since I posted about using Gu I figured I'd post about the merino
saddle cover I got from Horses Dacor.  It covers the seat and fenders to
bottom.  I know many of you use them, so this is for anyone who hasn't
and wondered if they are worth the cost.  I  think after the helmet the
merino saddle cover is an absolute MUST!  After feeling a bit bruised
and sore all summer long I decided to fork over the cash and try one
out.  As I got on my horse and settled in my first thought was,
"aaaaaahhhhhh"  and that didn't change all day!  It has been absolutely
one the nicest purchases I've made for my ass yet!

Try it!


P.S.  I do post and ride properly. Just always felt a bit sore after
riding.  This saddle cover has made all the difference in the world.

    Check it Out!    

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