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Lover Ride

	To all who did not attend this ride this past weekend oh what you did miss!
Kathy Papa, the ride manager and her crew have added a whole new meaning to
vet check.  The vet check was held at a horse camp in the mountains.  There
were tons of hitching post with feeders so you could tie your horses up if
you wanted, flush toilets, hot and cold water, showers if you really wanted
one, wash racks for the horses and tons of really good hay.  Now as if that
weren't enough they had tons of great food for all to eat and all you had to
do was go up to the table and there were wonderful people there that would
make you any kind of sandwich you wanted or coffee or hot chocolate or a
cold drink or fix you some fruit or a muffin or whatever.  It was just way
to cool.  We had thoughts of not leaving the vet check because everyone was
so friendly and helpful.
	Having stuffed ourselves and our horses we headed out.  We ride some
beautiful then some tough trails to the second vet check.  Could not believe
what happened here.  Volunteers were running up to us wanting to know if
they could refill our water bottles or give us a fresh bottle of water or
did we want a cold drink or could they hold or horse or did we want a muffin
or what could they do for us.  Again there was tons of fresh hay for the
horses, a half dozen muck buckets with sponges in them for sponging off our
horses, tons of fresh water for the horse to drink, not to mention apples
and wet mush.  So once again we are in a quandary as to whether we should
leave such good company or not.  Finally off we go back to camp.  We have a
wonderful catered dinner and an entertaining awards ceremony.
	So to those of you who didn't go this year it is a definite must attend for
next year.  My team and I will definitely be there.  The trails are
beautiful and yes pretty tough in a spot or two but doable.  A grander vet
check you will never probably ever see.  the vet checks alone make the ride
worth going to.  I can't wait to see what this group does next year.
	From myself and Team Slow Poke we send a GREAT BIG "THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR
HOSPITALITY" to Kathy and her crew and all her wonderful volunteers.
Team Slow Poke,
Kathy, Dede, and Christy

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