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Re: Improved communications w/BOD & members

We're not movie stars, just regular people.  I understand that "intimidated
feeling", as once upon a time I was awe-struck by Julie Suhr.  Now she's one
of my best friends.  (Julie's husband Bob's philosophy is, "we put on our
pants, one leg at a time, just like everyone else".)  Don't feel intimidated
by us; we're just working folks like everyone else.  I'm a cattle rancher;
some are lawyers, computer techs, secretaries, horsetrainers, teachers,
building contractors, you name it.  We're not royalty.  We work very hard at
our job as directors, and just spent an 18-hour session at the
mid-year.....from 8 AM to 1 AM the next day.  That should take away the aura
of being people that can leave you with a feeling of being intimidated!
And, we're all very approachable.  That's what we're here for.

Barbara McCrary
West region director
Chair-Rules Committee

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Subject: RC: Improved communications w/BOD & members

> Crazy week and the emails have piled up.   In playing catch-up, I'm struck
> how this important topic seems to have been hashed over but some great
> suggestions for resolution haven't gone anywhere.
> To recap, Jim Holland requested some improved connection with the BOD at
> convention.   There was some good feedback about why some forms of this
> weren't practical, but I saw only one reply that it wasn't a good concept
> general.  (Kat posted that the convention was a poor choice for how &
> to get this done.   I myself disagree - unlike Kat, I don't know any
> directors personally, and I feel intimidated to just go charging up to
> at the convention.)    In any case, what's not to like about Jim's
> that there be a brief reception for folks to meet the BOD and nat'l staff?
> After a meeting when they are all in one place would be fine, or maybe at
> trade show - a meet-the-managment booth, only open for an hour or so, with
> info in the packet?
> Secondly, and I think even more importantly, I'm concerned about the
> discrepancy between all the input and feedback on a variety of topics on
> and the misunderstanding many members seem to have about the extent to
> that feedback is/is not getting to the appropriate folks - committee
> BOD, nat'l staff, etc.   (for those of you who hung in for THAT run-on
> sentence, congratulations <bg>)     In short, we are "talking to
> in many instances.  One tremendous recent example of this was having folks
> post their thoughts about topics on the BOD meeting agenda here on RC.   I
> enjoyed reading them, and they are nice to stimulate discussion, but I
> hope those who posted weren't under the mis-impression that they were
> those thoughts where they most needed to go.
> There were a couple of great ideas that flew by that would really help
> this:
> Jim H. suggested a "formal way through the web site" that directors could
> communicate w/their constituents.  Similarly, Linda Merims suggested an
> member feed back list.    Can't recall who the other person was with a
> similar concept...  sorry.   Also, Kat very appropriately notes that
> providing input at the time of meeting & vote is not real helpful - the
> appropriate individuals need to get the info and have time to think,
> question, etc.
> In any case, could there be a mechanism for topics to be posted for the
> membership to comment, or for a round-table type discussion MONITORED by
> directors?  I know this furthers the problem for folks who aren't on-line,
> but at least it's a start.   Mike, if this is possible, is there anything
> could do to help?
> pat farmer
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